Are You a Candidate for New Teeth in a Day? Exploring Eligibility Criteria

new teeth in a day

Traditionally, dental prosthetics have taken excessive lengths of time for placement procedures to take place efficiently. The healing period itself can take several weeks to months. Modern diagnostic technology, however, has finally allowed us to drastically reduce the placement duration so that you can get new teeth in a day. 

In a single visit to the dentist, you can go home with a temporary prosthesis placed securely inside your mouth. Of course, this will be a placeholder for the final, permanent prosthesis that will be installed later, but for the patient at least, it means no further days of discomfort due to missing or compromised teeth.

In this blog, we will break down the eligibility criteria for this treatment and briefly describe its description and benefits. 

New Teeth In A Day Implants

A remarkable technology, also known as same-day dental implants, has become commonplace relatively recently (late 80s, 90s) and boasts a scientifically astonishing success rate of 95% in long-term uses (10 years). Owing to the low dental implant failure rate, this procedure is very beneficial for individuals who have lost most or all of their teeth and seek a quick, reliable solution to restore their smile and oral functionality.

The Teeth-in-a-day implants function is deceivingly simple but relies on an intricate collaboration between several components. The most fundamental of them is the implant post that will be embedded into the jawbone during the surgery using specialized drills that have a specific threaded screw design for better retention into the bone. In our case, these posts are made of a biocompatible metal (a metal that the body welcomes inside the body and does not react adversely to it), titanium. 

After the titanium post, the second component is the abutment, which is a structural connector bridge that joins the implant with the crown, the most visible part of the implant. The crown that will be placed will look very similar to a tooth crown. An experienced team that comprises highly skilled technicians will make the crown to mimic just the right shade, hue, and color of your teeth for natural-looking new teeth in a day

Determining Eligibility of New Teeth In A Day Implants

As with most medical treatments, determining whether you are suitable for Teeth-in-day must start with carefully examining various factors that will help chart the course of your dental journey with teeth-in-a-day implants. 

Patient Medical History

These assessments will include factors such as the patient’s medical history, whether they have suffered from any diseases in the past, such as heart problems or medical issues with the bone (osteoporosis), i.e., diseases that can hamper the implant placement procedures. The dentist might recommend getting those issues treated before deciding on this treatment.

Oral Health History

After assessing the patient’s medical history, the dentist will zoom out and ask about the patient’s oral health history. These could be questions about any past oral health problems that may have occurred, questions about daily oral health rituals (brushing, flossing), or questions about indulgence in behaviors that are harmful to oral health (smoking or a bad diet of hard, sugary foods).

Bone Health

The other primary determining factor for the new teeth in a day process is the quality and density of the patient’s bone. This is a requirement because the major retaining force that the implant depends heavily on is the structural fusion of the bone with the prosthesis, made possible due to the biological process called osseointegration, which means a biological combination of bone and implant. If the bone is found lacking in density, then this fusion strength is at risk of not being strong enough to sustain an implant. As teeth-in-a-day implants require more bone density than usual to make the immediate placement possible, the density of the bone is a big deciding factor of suitability for this treatment. 

Cost Factors

During the consultation phase, the dentist will talk to you about the process’s cost factors comprehensively and in detail. They will also offer you alternatives that vary in affordability. Due to the prospect of immediate placement, the technology used to ensure precision and stability must be devoid of human-level errors and mishaps; therefore, advanced and state-of-the-art machinery is used for teeth-in-a-day implants. This could factor in your decision about whether this treatment is for you. A conversation with the dentist is the best way to find this out.

Benefits of Teeth-In-A-Day Implants

The benefits of this technology are multifold and span across many aspects, from the functional to the aesthetic. Let’s break down all the benefits of this remarkable technology:

Immediate Placement

The primary benefit of this treatment is the prospect of having the implants placed during one visit to the dentist. As mentioned before, this will be a temporary prosthesis and will not have the strengths of the final, permanent teeth to be installed later. However, you will no longer need to stay edentulous (missing teeth) for any longer than you need to 

Enhanced Chewing and Speaking Abilities

This technology promises a better, more functional lifestyle. The most noticeable difference for the patient is the upgrade to their chewing and speaking capabilities. This means a wider variety of food is available, and there is better access to more nutritional elements such as healthy vitamins and minerals, as well as a more confident social outlook and self-perception. This is made possible due to the strength of fusion offered by the osseointegration process.

A More Natural Look

The teeth-in-a-day implants are designed to look perfectly like your natural teeth, and a team of professional technicians will ensure they mimic them just right. A meticulous process of creating these implants will follow to match the similar shades, colors, hues, and even similar light-reflecting characteristics of your enamel and teeth. 


In this blog, we detailed the teeth-in-a-day process and its definition. We also discussed the benefits of this remarkable technology and briefly stated the criteria for eligibility for the treatment. 

If you seek a more tailored and detailed assessment of your or a loved one’s case or want to know more about dental implants, feel free to contact us, visit, or call MN Implant Clinic in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Schedule your consultation today and chart your course towards better oral health now!

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